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Selling In

I see headlines like this all the time, carrying news that another independently owned and operated organic company has either sold to a private equity (PE)  investment group (think Bain Capital) or to a large corporation like Campbell Soup (in … Continue reading

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The Powerful Organic Consumer

In this past Sunday’s Washington Post, there was an article in which Whole Foods’ co-CEO Walter Robb was interviewed on their decision to require labeling of GMO products in 5 years. WF’s decision is a game changer.  There have been … Continue reading

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A Long Unicycle Ride

One of the bright spots these past few years for the environment has been the awareness and change towards saving seafood species. Greenpeace deserves a ton of credit for this.  Since recently launching their seafood sustainability ratings of retailers, they … Continue reading

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Courage: /ker-ig/ – mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

While riding the Metro with my son a couple of months ago, we stopped into the new Friendship Heights Whole Foods to take a look.  I snapped this picture… It doesn’t make sense to me that WF is simply not … Continue reading

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Sam and Ralph

  Whole Foods was essentially our first major competitor when in 1990, Fresh Fields (soon to be purchased by WF) opened a mile up the street from our tiny retail outlet in Rockville. People frequently ask me how we’ve been able … Continue reading

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