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Frothy Market

In theory, buying local is a great idea, but I believe we have hit the point where “local” has simply become another frothy and trendy marketing gimmick and it has lost its authenticity. Here are some recent headlines that have … Continue reading

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Does Big = Bad?

We received the below comment as a reply to a post on our Facebook page regarding our Timonium grand opening coming up this weekend… “Absolutely love my Bowie Store….Please don’t expand too much under the same name and ownership…spread the love….I would hate … Continue reading

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We Challenge Conventional Wisdom

  This is one of MOM’s 4 company values. This weekend, The Wife and I found ourselves with not much going on (my favorite kind of weekend!).  So, we got to doing some projects, one of which was cleaning out … Continue reading

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Sam and Ralph

  Whole Foods was essentially our first major competitor when in 1990, Fresh Fields (soon to be purchased by WF) opened a mile up the street from our tiny retail outlet in Rockville. People frequently ask me how we’ve been able … Continue reading

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