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Ignorance is Blistering

I recently came across this product and was incredibly relieved to finally find a salt that hasn’t been genetically modified (although, the “pinkness” of this salt makes me wonder if it has been spliced with the genes of salmon)! This … Continue reading

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Why is Walmart so expensive?

In my eternal scan of the Internet for MOM’s data and feedback, I came across this blogger’s post: Why is MOM’s Organic Market so expensive?  I hear this question in one form or another all the time.  If you read reviews of … Continue reading

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Certifiably Uncertified

A couple of years ago I was having a conversation with MOM’s Grocery Director about some products that we don’t carry.  She said something that caught my attention- that there’s a faction within the organic industry that considers itself “too cool to … Continue reading

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Better > Bigger

Our central offices are located above our Rockville store.  This is deliberate.  I never want the leadership of MOM’s to be removed from the day-to-day store operations.  If our Rockville store has an issue, than it’s likely that the other … Continue reading

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How Time Flies

This past Saturday, July 2nd, was the 24th anniversary of Organic Foods Express’ first transaction (later to become MOM’s Organic Market).  The grand total came to $52, but it seemed to us like a million dollars. I’ll always remember that day.  My … Continue reading

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We Challenge Conventional Wisdom

  This is one of MOM’s 4 company values. This weekend, The Wife and I found ourselves with not much going on (my favorite kind of weekend!).  So, we got to doing some projects, one of which was cleaning out … Continue reading

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