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Firing Bullets

Jim Collins just came out with a good business book called “Great By Choice.”  He discusses testing business concepts- likens such tests to firing bullets instead of cannonballs.  That’s pretty much how we operate here at MOM’s- we cautiously test … Continue reading

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The Grand Experiment Continues

Tomorrow (Friday) is the opening day for our Herndon, VA store.  I will know by 3:00 on Saturday if the opening is successful and, to an extent, whether this store in general will be a success. Many retailers do extensive … Continue reading

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Veggie Love

I received this awesome picture from a customer with the caption “Even Potatoes Love MOM’s”. It brings back the memory of when I was courting my wife some 25 years ago.  One of my many very “smooth” tactics was to … Continue reading

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Does Big = Bad?

We received the below comment as a reply to a post on our Facebook page regarding our Timonium grand opening coming up this weekend… “Absolutely love my Bowie Store….Please don’t expand too much under the same name and ownership…spread the love….I would hate … Continue reading

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Hi.  I am the founder/owner of MOM’s Organic Market. My colleagues, my wife, and some friends are a little nervous right now- they know I’m starting to blog and are worried that I’m going to say something bad.  I’ve been … Continue reading

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