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A Long Unicycle Ride

One of the bright spots these past few years for the environment has been the awareness and change towards saving seafood species. Greenpeace deserves a ton of credit for this.  Since recently launching their seafood sustainability ratings of retailers, they … Continue reading

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I was out in the woods with my 6 year old daughter yesterday.  She grabbed a plastic bag that she saw lying on the ground and started filling it with other trash.  We always go for the plastic first, before … Continue reading

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The Changing of the Tides

This story headline [“One billion cans of certified- sustainable tuna heading to supermarket shelves“] recently came across my inbox.  Many large conventional retailers have also started to support sustainable seafood. A shout-out goes to Greenpeace, who really spearheaded this effort … Continue reading

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“Less Dirty” does not = “Clean”

The whole “clean energy” thing is tricky.  Kudos to Montgomery County and DC Metro for using hybrid buses- and for using natural gas- but is this really “clean” energy?  No.  It’s less polluting- but still far from “clean” or green or … Continue reading

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Does Big = Bad?

We received the below comment as a reply to a post on our Facebook page regarding our Timonium grand opening coming up this weekend… “Absolutely love my Bowie Store….Please don’t expand too much under the same name and ownership…spread the love….I would hate … Continue reading

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Courage: /ker-ig/ – mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

While riding the Metro with my son a couple of months ago, we stopped into the new Friendship Heights Whole Foods to take a look.  I snapped this picture… It doesn’t make sense to me that WF is simply not … Continue reading

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