The Absence of Negatives

A reporter recently called to ask me about the recent Stanford study which claimed that organic foods are not more nutritious than conventional foods. I told him that while there have been studies indicating that organic foods are more nutritious than conventional foods, I really don’t know for sure which claim is accurate.

I went on to explain however, that while many in the conventional foods industry will undoubtedly be happy to see the results of Stanford’s report, they’re missing the point.

What IS important to those of us who choose organics is the absence of negatives… the absence of the health risk of chemicals (pesticides, herbicides), the absence of GMOs, the absence of irradiation, the absence of animal cruelty, the absence of water pollution and eco-system disruption, the absence of chemical exposure to farm workers, the absence of antibiotics and hormones, etc.

And what else is great about organic foods?… the presence of a much higher quality product and the support of mostly small farms who aren’t owned by huge agri-businesses.

Once again, those who live in the conventional world simply don’t understand our worldview and why we value organic farming. We’re progressing- and their views are slowly becoming outdated and stale.