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Don’t Drink Your Calories

The CDC just released this report that says that half of Americans drink at least 1 sugary drink per day. I believe that if people did 2 things- stopped drinking non-water beverages (except for coffee- I MUST HAVE MY COFFEE!!!) … Continue reading

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Beautiful, But Barren Bay

I recently just returned from Maine with my family.  I have been going there for 40 years.  It is still very well preserved and beautiful and wild (my mom saw a mountain lion on her neighbor’s porch a couple of … Continue reading

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Lawns: Friend or Foe?

In an effort to find people who fit our culture here at MOM’s, we just got done writing a very cool employment ad.  Among various traits, we’re looking for people who “don’t understand why people care so much about their … Continue reading

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Eco Obsession

As I read Dan’s post on the MOM’s blog, it got me to thinking of how being a devout eco-warrior can become an obsession. One of the things that I am TOTALLY obsessive about is loading the dishwasher for maximum … Continue reading

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