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My Fill-in-the-blank Privilege

One of the more memorable movies of my childhood was Sounder.  Sounder was a dog who belonged to a poverty-stricken southern family.  A particularly heart-wrenching scene in that movie is when the father is taken to prison for stealing food … Continue reading

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Man Walks Dog, Terrorizes Neighborhood

When my wife and I were looking for a house to buy 15 years ago, I told her about a rule I had: the “let-the-dog-out-without-worrying-about-it-getting-hit-by-a-car” rule.  I wasn’t even sure we’d ever get a dog, but figured this rule would also … Continue reading

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Family Dinners, A Family Value

People are usually surprised to learn when I tell them that even though MOM’s typical store footprint is about 1/4 the size of a typical Whole Foods store, our average purchase is about 20% higher.  Our customers buy much more … Continue reading

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Up For Early Adoption

I’m getting a Tesla S.  There.  I said it.  This feels like a confession.  The nicest car I’ve ever driven was a Ford Fusion hybrid (and it is a REALLY nice car, btw).  I basically despise status and will frankly … Continue reading

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The Grand Illusion

I’ve got to hand it to fellow retailer Nordstrom for bucking the trend… So, Thanksgiving is upon us.  This is my favorite holiday- there is very little commercialism involved with it.  It remains all about being with friends and family, … Continue reading

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Check It Out

As long as I am at the helm of MOM’s, something you will never see in any of our stores is a self-check out lane. I have watched through the years as other grocers have installed them and sometimes later … Continue reading

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DON’T Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce

One afternoon back in the early 1990s, while I was toiling away in the old Organic Foods Express warehouse, a gentleman carrying a clipboard came walking in and asked me if I’d like to become a member of the local … Continue reading

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