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Family Dinners, A Family Value

People are usually surprised to learn when I tell them that even though MOM’s typical store footprint is about 1/4 the size of a typical Whole Foods store, our average purchase is about 20% higher.  Our customers buy much more … Continue reading

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Infinite Shades of Grey

The battle against GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) has gained much momentum these past few years.  It seems like the issue really caught fire when this picture went viral on the internet in the spring of 2012. Kashi was lambasted when … Continue reading

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A Long Unicycle Ride

One of the bright spots these past few years for the environment has been the awareness and change towards saving seafood species. Greenpeace deserves a ton of credit for this.  Since recently launching their seafood sustainability ratings of retailers, they … Continue reading

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Better > Bigger

Our central offices are located above our Rockville store.  This is deliberate.  I never want the leadership of MOM’s to be removed from the day-to-day store operations.  If our Rockville store has an issue, than it’s likely that the other … Continue reading

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The Grand Illusion

I’ve got to hand it to fellow retailer Nordstrom for bucking the trend… So, Thanksgiving is upon us.  This is my favorite holiday- there is very little commercialism involved with it.  It remains all about being with friends and family, … Continue reading

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Check It Out

As long as I am at the helm of MOM’s, something you will never see in any of our stores is a self-check out lane. I have watched through the years as other grocers have installed them and sometimes later … Continue reading

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On Tap

I was in DC a few weeks ago and saw this truck.  It made me think about how we in the US have been duped by corporate interests into thinking that tap water is unsafe.  I don’t think people realize how … Continue reading

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