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Natural Foods- Progress, not Perfection

I was recently offered membership to Natural Products Association.  I declined. Natural products are better than the usual junk foods that people eat, but given all of the synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides used in the growing process (and the … Continue reading

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Frothy Market

In theory, buying local is a great idea, but I believe we have hit the point where “local” has simply become another frothy and trendy marketing gimmick and it has lost its authenticity. Here are some recent headlines that have … Continue reading

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The Changing of the Tides

This story headline [“One billion cans of certified- sustainable tuna heading to supermarket shelves“] recently came across my inbox.  Many large conventional retailers have also started to support sustainable seafood. A shout-out goes to Greenpeace, who really spearheaded this effort … Continue reading

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My life with the A List

Occasionally I am asked what my favorite products are.  Here is my A List of products, and why… Nature’s Gate Biotin shampoo- makes my hair look dirty, which *I think* makes it look better. Jason toothpaste gel- solid, foamy, good … Continue reading

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It’s All In The Details

I get CCed here at MOM’s on pretty much all customer interactions, as it helps me stay connected to any/all issues that may arise. The exchange below made me so proud of the people here at MOM’s, who so diligently … Continue reading

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A chicken’s version of soylent green.

I noticed this sign up the street from our Rockville store. I think it’s odd.  A chicken serving chicken (giving the big “thumbs up”, no less).  Even more odd than the Chick-fil-A ads of cows urging us all to eat … Continue reading

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Fuzzy Math?

To me, the main benefit to buying local products has always been the lower carbon footprint to transport products.  Then, I read this OpEd article in the NY Times, which muddled up the issue pretty good for me… Math Lessons … Continue reading

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