To Bike, Or Not To Bike

A wonderful customer sent me this picture of her bike w/dog trailer parked out front of the Rockville MOM’s. She was inquiring about whether we’re going to have bike racks at the new Rockville store. I told her “yes.”

I found myself biking to work a couple of summers ago. My biking activity has dropped off, mainly because I have a large family and I often have to bring home plenty of groceries. Or, I am sometimes summoned to a mid-day meeting or to run an errand after work. Or, I just want to get home sooner rather than later to spend more time with the family.

When I’m driving, sometimes I notice that bikers are in the road enough that it blocks / slows down traffic quite a bit. As I watch the brake lights in front of me, I often wonder how much gas is used to reaccelerate to get around the bicyclist- and then I start wondering if the gas saved by the biker not using his/her own car is offset (and then some?) by the extra gas used by slowed down vehicles along the bicyclist’s trip.

When I bike, it’s not the most comfortable ride. I try to stay on the shoulder and sidewalk as much as I can, so I can stay out of traffic’s way. It can get bumpy, slippery/gravelly, and I sometimes get some “looks” from pedestrians on the sidewalk as I go onto the grass around them.

What makes the most sense to me when it comes to protecting and restoring the environment is to get an electric, hybrid, or energy efficient vehicle.