The Grand Illusion

I’ve got to hand it to fellow retailer Nordstrom for bucking the trend…

So, Thanksgiving is upon us.  This is my favorite holiday- there is very little commercialism involved with it.  It remains all about being with friends and family, enjoying great food, and being grateful.

I’m 47 years old.  At 49, my father died of a heart attack while playing basketball.

I’ve been a lot more “present” in my life lately.  Sometimes I’m caught by surprise as I exit what seems like a trance and realize just how incredible (and bizarre) it is that I am alive- and on a planet, in the middle of an infinite universe, that has come alive these past billion years or so.  It all seems very surreal.

I was reading a very good book recently.  An excerpt:

“I took care of a guy named Seth in a nursing home. Time’s winged feet had had their way with him. But despite his circumstance, he was consistently cheerful, not one to go on about his needs or discomforts. One night, his milky eyes looked into mine, and he said more by observation than complaint: “It goes so fast; so, so fast. Never forget that it goes by very fast. One minute you’re sitting there, just like you, a young man, big and strong, and the next you’re lying here just like me, all dried up and almost done. I have memories, but my life is mostly gone.”

That might be depressing for some people to read.  For me, it’s a nice reminder to be thankful for what I’ve got, right down to every breath.

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2 Responses to The Grand Illusion

  1. Anne says:

    That was a nice post – thank you. It’s my favorite holiday, as well, for the same reasons. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. adiespeaks says:

    not depressing. …one of the reasons i ended up working at your store, actually.

    hope you and the nashes had a wonderful thanksgiving. thanks for sharing.

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