Natural Foods- Progress, not Perfection

I was recently offered membership to Natural Products Association.  I declined.

Natural products are better than the usual junk foods that people eat, but given all of the synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides used in the growing process (and the likelihood that such products are GMOs), they still don’t hold a candle to organics.

At MOM’s, we carry natural products, but funny as this sounds, we try not to!  After all of these years, the organic industry is still catching up to demand.  For example, our snack aisle consists mostly of natural non-organic products.  I recently inquired about this with our grocery department and was told that the ingredients are in short supply and generally not available.  Organic potato chips, for example, are generally non-existent in our industry due to a perpetual shortage of organic potatoes.

Basically, if it’s organic we will carry it.  Organic products receive top priority at MOM’s.

While my general belief is that anything that isn’t grown organically is substantially hurting our environment (and health), I try not to be overly zealous about organics.  I doubt that people go from drinking Coke and eating Twinkies, Pringles, and Lucky Charms to eating organics, as it is a process (not an event) to become an organic consumer- and natural products serve a purpose as they can act as a stepping stone from conventional foods to organic foods.  The way I see it, natural products are a kind of necessary evil- progress, not perfection!

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4 Responses to Natural Foods- Progress, not Perfection

  1. Ellen says:

    I thank you for that – being overly zealous about “anything” just turns people off. Everyone is at a different place but I am sure glad that we have Moms and that you are trying to educate the public. I hear over and over people telling me that non-organic food contains the same vitamins and fiber as organic foods, which may be true to a point, but why eat all of the chemicals? Why support an industry that is poisoning the water and earth. It is crazy. Once when a woman asked me about my green salads and I shared with her that they were organic – she asked me many questions and I shared what I knew. She marched into my office the next day telling me that “organic food could still spread disease if a deer pooped on it.” Needless to say I was speechless and told her she was right.

    • Scott says:

      Gads! It’s amazing that there is active opposition to organics by regular citizens (not affiliated with corporations who are threatened by the organic industry’s growth).

      When I was first starting MOM’s back in the early 1990s on Parklawn Dr., there was a guy a couple of doors down who actively fought me about organics. He would call and pepper me with questions and start to debate me. Once, he called and asked me what made organic meats organic. I told him- and his response was to yell “Bullshit” and hang up the phone on me.

      The good news is that while there is opposition, we are winning! And not just by a little, we are winning “going away”. The industry’s growth is like an unstoppable train.

  2. Catherine Turner says:

    Thank you,Scott, for explaining. Some of us can get sanctimonious over organic, and need to remember that we all live in an unnatural environment where our best is not going to be perfect.

  3. MT says:

    agree. (MOM’s carries Kettle brand potato chips that have at least a couple flavors that are organic)

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