It’s taken me 3 weeks to get this blog post out.  I (and many others here at MOM’s) have had my hands full with the moving and opening of our Rockville store and central offices.  Throughout the past month, I have been in a restless, irritable, and discontent state of mind- as I have created uncompromisingly high standards for service, quality, and execution.  Failure to deliver is not an option.

I have been taught that my irritable state-of-mind is not due to external circumstances- that if I am disturbed, then there is something wrong with me- that my spiritual condition at the moment is weak.  I believe this to be true.  I sometimes (i.e. almost always!) give way too much power to my surroundings, letting them control the way I feel (and behave).

I am a fan of Tara Brach– a Bethesda based woman who leads guided meditations across the country.  She speaks often of being “present” vs. being in a “trance.”  To me, the definition of being in a “trance” is reacting, rather than thoughtfully responding.  Sometimes my existence seems to amount to not much more than a pinball being batted around by the universe.

I recall a proverb that I once heard:  “Being resentful is like drinking poison and hoping that it kills the other guy.”  When I have negative feelings of irritability and resentment, it mostly hurts me.

My “surroundings” include a wife, 3 children, and a business with 500+ employees who are trying to save the world by protecting and restoring the environment.  For me to have a loving and well-adjusted family and a business that changes the world, I need to remember that for the benefit of all, my #1 priority must be my spiritual condition!

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1 Response to Disturbing

  1. Ellen says:

    Scott – We are with you. My family is so blessed that you have given our community Mom’s – it is important and is impacting the world in a positive way. Be good to your spiritual self. Even a few moments in the morning or here and there along the day – to “be” present will keep you balanced. Love and Light you and yours

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