Afraid of heights? Don’t look down.

Last week, we moved into our new offices, which will be above the newly relocated Rockville store.  As I was packing up my office, there were a couple of boxes that had been sitting on the floor that I had moved from my home office before we had central offices about 7 years ago.

I went through those boxes…  I came across an invoice that had a check # that I had written on it.  I used to write all the checks myself by hand.  I came across another invoice that had prices next to each product.  I used to mark-up the products myself and then we would use price guns to price them.  I came across some home delivery invoices that were made of carbon paper- the totals added by hand, using a calculator.  I came across a payroll report from the early 1990’s- we had 3 employees.  We now have almost 500.

So much around me has changed since I started this business almost 25 years ago- everything is at a larger scale.  We’re all working just as hard as we used to- and the issues seem to hold just as much weight as they did way back when- but sometimes it’s like I’m walking across a fallen tree that is 25′ off the ground vs. the same tree that was only 1′ off the ground years ago… same tree, but the environment around us has changed.

I am doing my best not to look down.

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4 Responses to Afraid of heights? Don’t look down.

  1. Wendy says:

    Being at the store today brought back a lot of memories. I remember when you closed your first store but didn’t have this one ready yet and waiting impatiently for it finally opened. I saw the sign up and the doors open one day when I was driving by and stopped in. You were not open yet but the shelves were stocked and you actually let me purchase a few things that day. At least this move you are opening the new store before the old one closes. It is amazing to see how much your business has grown since those early days of home delivery.

    • Scott says:

      Hi Wendy. It’s great to hear from you. I remember the crab feast at your house and having a great time meeting your interesting friends. I hope you are well. Time sure does fly.

  2. Anne Stenger says:

    Scott, you’re doing a GREAT job!! I’m continually impressed by how MOM’s “walks the talk” and when I tell people that, I’ve started adding “by the miles”. MOM’s is far and above the best grocery store I’ve been to that does everything it can to set an example for healthy living, and providing the tools for such healthy living to it’s customers. I REALLY appreciate that! The steady growth of MOM’s is a testament to it’s value. I can’t say enough good things about your store, and I’m looking forward to seeing MOM’s populate the US. 🙂
    Carry on!

  3. adiespeaks says:

    i’ve watched you the last few days. …you weren’t looking down. maybe because there was just so darn much going on around you and you, of course, are the man of the hour.
    …i’m sure that in the evening, though, when there is finally a moment of calm… it must be wild to recall the journey. your analogy about the log is excellent.
    anyway. i’m proud to work for you.

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