This past year I was fortunate to be elected to the Organic Trade Association’s Board of Directors.  Of the 15 board members, I am the only newcomer.

Given my time constraints with MOM’s and my family, I was reluctant to be on the ballot and was generally indifferent as to whether or not I got elected.  When I got the news that I had “won” the election, I was satisfied yet asked myself “What have I gotten myself into here?”

In January, I attended my first annual board retreat at Annie’s in Berkley, CA.  After spending a couple of days with this group of people, I am honored to be a part of this organization.  I believe that there is no stronger advocate for organic farming anywhere in the world- and none that is as effective.

This is a group of passionate, intelligent, good people who are moving mountains in the face of powerful opposition.

I’m the guy in the black shirt kneeling in the front row.  Others pictured here whose companies you might recognize include the CEO of Frontier Co-op, Co-Founder of Applegate Farms, Matt McLean- CEO of Uncle Matt’s Orange Juice (and president of the OTA board), SVP of Marketing at Annie’s, President and COO of Late July, VP of Organic Sales at Cal-Organic/Grimmway Farms, and VP of Global Initiatives at Albert’s Organics.

Thank them- they are making the world a better place.

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