Firing Bullets

Jim Collins just came out with a good business book called “Great By Choice.”  He discusses testing business concepts- likens such tests to firing bullets instead of cannonballs.  That’s pretty much how we operate here at MOM’s- we cautiously test our ideas before deciding to roll out any initiatives on a larger scale.

We’re about to fire a bullet- and you heard it here first!

It’s called The Naked Lunch.  We are moving our Rockville store and central offices in April- to the intersection of Nebel St. and Randolph Rd., less than a mile from our existing store and offices.  At this new location, we will have a lunch/juice counter.  It is going to be super healthy, super crunchy, and super good.

It’s a low risk endeavor for us.  With all of the staff from our central offices and store located there together, The Naked Lunch will at least serve as an employee cafeteria if it’s a flop with our customers.  If it’s successful, we will indeed launch a cannonball and roll this concept out to as many existing stores as we can- and probably to just about all of our future stores.

Only time will tell how good our aim is…

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9 Responses to Firing Bullets

  1. Love his books! Can’t wait to see the new location and try the lunch counter.

  2. emma says:

    that’s exactly what I thought was missing with the Herndon store – hope it’s a success & you head our way with the concept next (and if you do include prepared foods, cooking lessons/demos are a great addition, too)

  3. Congratulations on this great idea, Scott! I hope it’s a success and that the food stays ‘real’ and doesn’t move into pre-fab ‘organic’ like it has at Whole Foods! Keep up the good work!

    • Scott says:

      Hi Allan- it will be really real! All organic, cooked to order, whole grains only. I personally can’t wait- mostly because I can’t wait to have such a great lunch and/or dinner almost every day!

    • Serafin says:

      Mighty useful. Make no mitakse, I appreciate it.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Bring the leftovers home!

  5. Deanna says:

    Bring the naked lunch to Jessup!

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  7. Jennifer Mallis says:

    I love Mom’s and the staff in Rockville are amazing, they know me well after stopping in several times a week for groceries and naked lunch. It’s a perfect place for me, I follow a whole food- plant based diet. I recently moved to Baltimore city and miss it, I haven’t quit found a suitable replacement. Keep it up!

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