My life with the A List

Occasionally I am asked what my favorite products are.  Here is my A List of products, and why…

Nature’s Gate Biotin shampoo- makes my hair look dirty, which *I think* makes it look better.

Jason toothpaste gel- solid, foamy, good flavor.  Much better than Tom’s gel.

Arrowhead Mills Sprouted pancake mix- make it w/buttermilk and eggs.  Lots of protein and fiber.  And then I put them in the toaster oven for a couple of minutes to make them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Unique Sprouted Whole Grain pretzels- they stay crunchy after opening and are evenly salted (many snacks, especially pretzels, seems to have salt intermittently dumped on them so you get an occasional blast of salt among the blandness.)

While on salty stuff- Witte beer goes great with the pretzels.  It’s a big bottle with a light yellow label.  My brother’s favorite is The Raven Beer from Baltimore- it is good, too.

Suzie’s corn/quinoa cakes- great for the car for a snack- only 12 calories each.

Goat gouda.

34° whole wheat crackers- they don’t interfere with taste of cheese.

Blue crab blanc from the Northern Neck of VA- our house white wine.

Gunpowder Buffalo burgers- being low fat, the trick here is to add a little liquid.  Water works, but I add half a pureed onion.  The pre-made patties of 4 are perfect for my family of 5, as we mush them up.

The Baker buns- it’s hard to find whole grain hamburger or hotdog buns.  These come unsliced, which I think is what helps make them so moist.  I warm them on my George Foreman grill (this could be the most used appliance in my kitchen!), which makes them even better.   They’re a perfect size- larger than sliders and smaller than regular sized buns.

Amy’s Pizza Poppers and Quorn chicken products- staples for my kids.  Again, high fiber and plenty of protein.

Koch’s smoked turkey- this should be called Chunk O’ Turkey.  It is a big smoked turkey breast, locally produced.  It looks ugly, so it took me a long time to try it.  It’s moist with just enough smokiness- and I can slice it really thin against the grain and it’s super tender.  My kids love this for sandwiches.  I do, too.

Berries!  I live on blueberries and strawberries.  I use them in my steel cut oats this time of year and with yogurt and granola in the summer.

sw. potatoes- roasted with olive oil and garlic.  It takes about 90 minutes to get them carmelized just right, but worth the wait.

steel cut oats- all brands are good.  I used to only use instant oatmeal in packs (Nature’s Path Flax Plus), but steel cut ones are worth the extra work.

Equal Exchange choc. w/salted caramel- a little goes a long way, intense flavors.

Annie’s ww mac and cheese- this is a staple for my son, who we nickname “Carb Boy”.  I wish there were more whole grain options.

canned mushrooms- SO convenient- doing fresh ones is time consuming

Stonyfield vanilla LF yogurt- the flavor is not quite as top quality as Wallaby’s (real vanilla bean), but Stonyfield is more eco and not overly sweet- and the clear lid makes the container great for reusing (how many times have I put leftovers into a yogurt container and assumed later it was yogurt?).  The kids use these for collecting bugs too- they can see through the clear lid.

limes w/Stevia sweetener- I try to only drink water.  But in the summer, this great combo of lime and stevia is very refreshing, lots of flavor, low calories.  Another low calorie drink is sparkling water with a few drops of stevia, mixed with Lakewood’s blueberry juice.

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3 Responses to My life with the A List

  1. Mary says:

    Love your blog and this A-list is great!

  2. Dell Coppola says:

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  3. Jessia Meinel says:

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