The Tell-Tale Heart is always beating.

Doing the wrong thing is never worth it.  Whenever we do something we know isn’t right, we pay the psychological price in the end, sometimes subconsciously.

On the other hand, nobody is perfect.  I still think of all the wrong / stupid things I’ve done in my life.  I think the best way to make things right is to make amends- and better late than never!

Man who stole from Sears in 1940s pays store back

We once had a customer who felt so guilty shoplifting from us, that she turned herself in retroactively- confessing to multiple incidents.  I knew that even though she gave us no money for the things she had stolen, she paid a steep price for them.  And, it was very easy to forgive her.

I once had to call a customer who we caught on film stealing from us.  I called her and told her we knew what she did and that we would call the police if she ever showed up in a MOM’s again.  Her response was not denial, but instead I was surprised when she simply said “Thank you.”  It was easy to forgive this woman, too.

To help guide me to do the right thing, I tell myself- “Do the NEXT right thing.”  If I always do the next right thing, then I will live a good life.

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7 Responses to The Tell-Tale Heart is always beating.

  1. Lisa Merkel says:

    I love this. Thank you for sharing….

  2. Linda Brainerd says:

    I like to consider this thought: “Be kind. Everyone is fighting a hard battle.”

    • Scott says:

      Yes- it’s impossible to walk in another person’s shoes. That wonderful saying- “There can be complete love without complete understanding” speaks to that.

  3. Mahaffy says:

    But my kid was fired on his first day of the job because maybe he overloaded a bag of groceries. All he knew was that the groceries spilled in the parking lot and it was easier to get rid of the kid than deal with the issue. Sheesh.

  4. Margaret says:

    I shop at MOM’s because….well….I feel connected to you and others who share a common philosphy of acceptance, forgiveness, goodness and peace.

  5. Toni Dorvitt says:

    Shared this on my FB page. It is wonderful to see the heart and soul of MOM beat with character and empathy.

  6. Very inspiring post for the holiday season. I am glad that man paid interest. Wants to clear his conscience before meeting his Maker.

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