Green (non)Washing

I was in NYC at a business conference this past week.  I snapped this picture in my hotel bathroom.I see this now in every hotel I stay in- announcing the hotel’s commitment to saving the environment.  At this particular hotel, it’s the ONLY environmentally friendly practice I could identify.  And lo and behold, this particular initiative to not wash towels just happens to save the hotel a ton of money in water, detergent, and labor expenses.

Nevermind that the first thing I did when I walked into my room was to turn off the cranking air conditioning and fan set on “on” rather than “auto” and opened my window to let the 70 degree air blow in.

The lack of authenticity and dedication is irksome.

On the bright side, at least “green washing” like this is an indication that saving the environment is somewhat of a priority for consumers, which is a good sign.

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2 Responses to Green (non)Washing

  1. ross says:

    learn a bit about economics and sustainability from one of those awful people — a CEO of a large company.

    If you do, bet you’ll learn things you didn’t expect to.

  2. ross says:

    ….(btw, didn’t mean to sound quite so strident and bitchy there; I know *I* learned things I didn’t expect to, and I certainly wasn’t warm to reading a speech from a retired sugar-drink executive. But glad I did…)

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