The Search for the Perfect Bulb is Over!!!!

Each MOM’s store has approximately 150 track light bulbs.  In the past, we have only used 90 watt incandescent flood lights, which offered enough focused light to highlight our products.  These lights use up quite a bit of energy.

For years I have searched for a more energy-efficient replacement.  We’ve consulted with “lighting technicians”, which led us to numerous varieties of CFL bulbs that really offered nothing more than the typical weak glow of a fluorescent tube light.

We tried a new Phillips incandescent bulb that claimed it would put out nearly 90 watts of light for only 50 watts of energy.  We almost convinced ourselves that they were a good substitute, but we found the bulbs were expensive, burnt out VERY quickly (every couple of months), and we eventually had to install additional lights to make up for what we realized was a weaker glow.

We finally heard of an LED track bulb that offered a bright, focused, clear light.  We tested it and it worked great!  So, we decided to order them for our newest store in Timonium.  They weren’t cheap by any means.  The original 90 watt incandescents cost about $4 each.  These LEDs were about $200 each, but we decided to support the technology and buy 75 of them.

Just as they arrived to our new store, we found another bulb that was very similar that cost $70 each, so we ordered another 75 of those to fill out the rest of the store and we were excited to find such a cheaper alternative.

Less than a month after our Timonium store opened, I was perusing the aisles of Costco (where I buy mostly clothes, books, and equipment) and there in the lighting aisle was an LED track bulb that looked perfect.  The price?  $39!!!  I scooped up a dozen of them and drove immediately to our Rockville store to test them- and they worked beautifully.

We immediately called Costco and ordered 900 of them!  As soon as they arrived, it took us about a month to switch out all bulbs in all stores.  We calculated that we are using about 230,000 fewer kWh per year (the electricity produced by 20 homes!), for a savings of more than $23,000 per year.  We just ordered another 900 of them as we plan for future growth.

I have been checking the Costco lighting aisle for YEARS for such a bulb.  I tried every CFL flood and spot bulb they ever offered, but none were ever sufficient.  The wasteful incandescent is now free to go extinct!

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5 Responses to The Search for the Perfect Bulb is Over!!!!

  1. Tim Maschok - Produce/Timonium says:

    Great work!

  2. MT says:

    It seems that the expectation of many that CFL would turn out to be a bridge technology to the better LED is coming to fruition. We don’t have any of either at our home yet (just moved in a year ago). It feels like LED still has some maturity to develop regarding strength and style at the residential consumer level.

  3. Casque Dre says:

    thank you for such a terrific website. Where else could an individual get that type of facts written in such a excellent way? I have a presentation that I’m presently working on, and I have been on the appear out for such facts

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