Don’t Drink Your Calories

The CDC just released this report that says that half of Americans drink at least 1 sugary drink per day.

I believe that if people did 2 things- stopped drinking non-water beverages (except for coffee- I MUST HAVE MY COFFEE!!!) and started eating whole grain carbs- the majority of our health problems would diminish greatly.

I think what else is interesting is that the report says that boys between the age of 12-19 drink more sugary beverages than any other group.  Makes me wonder if many boys who are now labeled as problem kids or as having ADHD aren’t just loaded up with sugar (and oft-times, caffeine)!

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5 Responses to Don’t Drink Your Calories

  1. ross says:

    Have your coffee — without sugar, and WITH delicious heavy cream from Trickling Springs, found at MOMs/SOSs near you!

    And *do* drink your calories: Blenderize veggies once in a while. Won’t kill you. Not fruits, veggies: blenderizing really ramps up phyto/flavo/cyano/anti-oxo availability.

    Go Primal! Go Paleo!

  2. Char says:

    I ONLY drink water and herbal teas. That’s it. Soda is the #1 cause of obesity in this country. And the diet kind is just as bad or worse. I don’t miss soda at all. There are a ton of different teas out there and my body is made of water, for the most part, so I give my body the fluid it needs most.

    I have a friend who drinks Coke by the liter on a regular basis. And she’s gaining weight and complaining about her health. Her mother is huge, and she’s going to wind up looking like her if she doesn’t make some real adjustments to her eating and drinking habits.

  3. Ann says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I cringe when I see moms give their babies bottles of juice. We’ve only ever given our kids water and guess what — they love it!

    Here’s a great video by Dr. Robert Lustig, a professor of pediatrics, about why sugar is such a problem:

    It’s long, but well worth watching!

  4. Debbie says:

    I teach preschool and the kids’ lunches disgust me. Chef boyardee microwave meals, a bag of chips, five cookies, ‘fruit’ snacks, and a juice box is generally what most children are sent with. Occasionally they’ll get a sugar-laden applesauce (or should I say high fructose corn syrup-laden). One or two kids get a moderately healthy lunch and those are the kids who are the best behaved. Coincidence?

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