Extreme Bees

I got myself a beehive this spring.  So far, so good!  This is a pic of my bees’ version of air-conditioning…

Having bees is fun and interesting.  I love watching their progress as they fill their ever-expanding hive with honey and brood.

Best of all, they offer me a comparison to the Human Colony.  In some ways the bees are superior.  They never, ever do anything without the greater good of The Hive in mind- a character we humans all too often lack.  The fact that they are willing to die instantly when they sting to protect The Hive sums it all up.

The problem with this uber long-term strategy is that bees can also be brutal to one another.  Once the queen stops producing eggs at an acceptable rate, her replacement is created and the less efficient queen is attacked and killed.  Same goes with old worker bees who can be replaced with newer, higher-producing bees.  The drones (male bees) are driven from The Hive after their services are rendered, so as to not waste precious honey on the obsolete.

Bees are extremists- there is no negotiating.  Some of our politicians in Washington are starting to remind me quite a bit of bees…

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5 Responses to Extreme Bees

  1. Zena says:

    real cool!

  2. sandra says:

    If only the politicians were more like bees! The hive is the organism and the individuals give for the benefit of that organism. Bees are not about the individual bee. They are about the group. They cannot exist as individuals; they are totally interdependent. Their motto would be “one for all” because without the “all” there would not be a single “one.” As for politicians, how many of them see beyond themselves and the small group that they think are like them?

  3. Marc says:

    Hey Scott, the bees look great!

    Sorry this isn’t related to the posting but I wanted to share this short video because I thought it was pretty funny:

    Cuke Skywalker!

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