How Time Flies

This past Saturday, July 2nd, was the 24th anniversary of Organic Foods Express’ first transaction (later to become MOM’s Organic Market).  The grand total came to $52, but it seemed to us like a million dollars.

I’ll always remember that day.  My partner (who I bought out 4 months later) and I were so nervous as we drove to Rockville in his Honda Civic (I had no car at the time).  I remember pulling up to the house on Evelyn Drive, both of us repeating back and forth- “We’re here.”  “This is it.”  We looked at each other- “Who’s going to carry the box?”  I forgot who won out on that one.

We were greeted by a fellow with a big smile.  He invited us in and we ended up staying for what seemed like an hour.  We met his wife who was bed ridden, stricken with cancer.  She was upbeat, very friendly.  I recall a young daughter there as well.

We all talked about organic foods.  They ooohed and aaaahed over the produce.  We thanked them, but no way were we willing to let them know that they were our first customer.  They must have wondered though, why both of us would be needed to deliver one box of groceries!

We made a few more deliveries to this family.  The final one came about 6 months later.  I was a sole proprietor by then.  Things weren’t so upbeat this time around.  The wife had died between the time when the order was placed (Wednesday) and the time when I made the delivery (Saturday).  The husband was in a lot of pain, crying as he wrote me a check.  I never heard from him again.  I always look up that street whenever I drive by.

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2 Responses to How Time Flies

  1. Jade says:

    Thank you for sharing the story….it’s touching…’s hard to see when people lost their love ones. Love to shop at M.O.M. ( Alexandria Location ).

  2. joanna says:

    The poignancy of looking up that street every time you pass by . . . really telling detail that I won’t forget. Thank you.

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